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hiccups by ben rosenblatt

American records is proud to be developing a new play by AR company member Ben Rosenblatt, about the lives of those who live with OCD.

 Ben Rosenblatt as Tommy in ReEntry


Cincinnati King


A “theatrical album” of stories about the history of Cincinnati music, racial equality, the development of the city and the history of King Records. From the multitude of immigrant music, to the racially integrated workings of King Records and the unique business sense and dealings of Syd Nathan, to the way the city has grown, developed and changed, to issues of racial equality and how (or if) it has changed in the last thirty years… we are asking Cincinnatians far and wide to share their personal stories with us. These stories will eventually inspire a theatrical reading of a play compiled by KJ Sanchez titled “Cincinnati King.”


American Records Theater Company and Cincinnati Playhouse join forces for this unique project. Our mission is to collect stories and share them with others in order to preserve a unique part of Cincinnati’s history, to foster understanding and ignite dialogue.

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Read all about Cincinnati King here: Soapbox Cincinnati Article


Duck Soup

Duck Soup: A Play on Equity is a new work commissioned for the yearly national conference of Grantmakers in the Arts. Written by KJ Sanchez and Tommer Peterson, and directed by KJ Sanchez, American Records performed this five-person short play as part of the plenary session as a way of kicking-off a conversation about a topic on many funders minds at the moment. The play is an exploration of equity in the arts, is based on interviews with funders, artists, public officials, activists, and people from all walks of life. The plenary session was followed by facilitated breakout discussion salons. 

We were thrilled to work with five exceptional Miami Actors: Peter Paul DeLeo, Sarahi Diaz, Brigette Kali, Kim Ostrenko and Kevin Welton.

Brigette Kali in Duck Soup, all rights reserved Grantmakers in the Arts


photo by Ania Sodziak

 Highway 47

A solo play written and performed by KJ Sanchez directed by Lisa Portes

“KJ Sanchez’s “Highway 47” (directed by Lisa Portes) is a riveting account, deeply rooted in New Mexico history, of a daughter trying to come to terms with her father (and herself). She does so by chronicling the tale of his lifelong obsession with a piece of land settled three centuries before him, and of the endless decades of litigation and vitriol he set in motion in the name of justice. What she discovers, and renders with brutal honesty, is the complex nature of her father’s quest, as well as the relentlessness of spirit she shares with the man. A tour de force performer and powerful writer, Sanchez (who, along the way does a fiery Mexican folk dance) should make a movie about her father’s life.”

                                                                        --- Chicago Sun-Times

“Sanchez, a hugely entertaining storyteller, well-served here by Lisa Portes' direction, recounts the tangled history of the Tome land grant — a vast tract originally deeded by Spain in the 18th century to a group of families in what is now New Mexico, which became the centerpiece of acrimonious litigation involving Sanchez's father beginning in the 1960s. She adroitly untangles a complicated thicket of legal proceedings, class conflict and family resentments.”

                                                                                -- Chicago Tribune

 Sanchez’s honest and often-funny solo show, Highway 47, captivates the gestures and tones of each of her characters that symbolize a real member of her family. But the story goes deeper than a town’s battle over a piece of land and their hatred for her father. It’s about her trajectory in understanding the choices her father made and in turn understanding and forgiving herself.”

                                                                                    -- The Gate


A middle school rock musical, about and designed to be performed by middle-schoolers. Life in the Middle was commissioned by Asolo Repertory Theatre and is compiled from interviews with middle school students in Sarasota and Manatee counties in Florida, with additional interviews conducted in Monmouth County, New Jersey. The Asolo Conservatory Actors contributing interviews: Ghafir Akbar, Kirstin Franklin, Sarah Gavitt, Hannah Goalstone, Alexandra Guyker, Peter Mendez, Nissa Perrott, Kevin Stanfa, Bethany Weise

Life in the Middle had its debut with a middle-school cast at Two River Theater Company in June of 2010.  The original middle school cast and band was:

Adam Canterbury, Melody Chibnik, Gianna DeWitt, Laura Diorio, Owen Doherty, Sophie Halpern, Adrian Hernandez, Suzie Hicks, Jordan Holaday, Michael Hopkins, Matthew Hughes, Sophia Jackman, Spencer Mullen, Jenna Najjar, Jon Erik Nielsen, Sandra Paz, Nick Piescor, Jake Tavill, Jack Volker, Isabel Wallace, Kyle Ward, Fiona Zasowski.

Music Director PK Pickens, Assistant Music Director Carol Boehm, Assistant Directors:  Kate Cordaro and Anne Marie Nest.  Both productions were directed by KJ Sanchez

Life in the Middle is available to be liscenced by middle schools: cast 8 to 17 students, use your own band, or the recorder music provided by American Records.  We also provide directors/teaching artists as needed.


DEATH... for a living.

A musical comedy about people who work with death… for a living.

American Records previewed this work at Juniata College in Pennsylvania April 14-April 17th.

Listen to two songs from our rehearsal: Need You To Be and Most Unfortunate

NeedYouToBe-3-23-2011 by pkpickens

MostUnfortunate-3-23-2011 by pkpickens



A Night at the Opera

A short play by Tommer Peterson and KJ Sanchez,  was performed as part of the conference session, Too Progressive, Too Elite: Public Value and the Paradox of the Arts <http://conference.giarts.org/sessions/tue07.html> , organized by Barbara Schaffer Bacon, co-director, Animating Democracy, Americans for the Arts; Marete Wester, director of arts policy, Americans for the Arts at the Emerald Tablet in San Francisco on October 11, 2011 as part of the Grantmakers in the Arts 2011 conference.