Too Much Water at UCSB

Mixing interviews with today’s young women and Shakespeare’s text, Ophelia – joined by a group of college students – revisits Elsinore in this highly theatrical treatise on being a “good girl.” 

REVIEW: In powerful 'Too Much Water,' Shakespeare's Ophelia meets 2016 college students

"The playwright, KJ Sanchez, thus seems to be answering the question, “In Ophelia’s death, what dreams may come?” Each time the students witness a new memory, they deconstruct it, discussing the gender and sexual ethics underpinning Ophelia's relationship with the various men in her life. This leads to the student performers talking about similar issues and experiences they have faced –  and the playwright drew these stories from interviews with actual students. While it is focused on the female narrative, there are some men in the show, and space is given to the college boys to critique what it means to “be a man.”


x's and o's

By KJ Sanchez with Jenny Mercein, directed by Artistic Director Tony Taccone premiered at Berkeley Rep this past season with a second production at Baltimore's Center Stage.

X's and O's (A Football Love Story) at Berkeley Rep (15 seconds) from Berkeley Repertory Theatre on Vimeo.

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American Records is developing HICCUPS, a new play written and performed by AR Company Member 
Ben Rosenblatt, about the lives of those who live with OCD. 

Ben Rosenblatt as Tommy in ReEntry


Cincinnati King - A New Musical

Cincinnati King
 is a new musical about the remarkable life of Syd Nathan and his record label King Records.

A Jew living in Cincinnati, Ohio in the 40’s with nothing more than an eighth grade education, Syd broke every rule: hiring the first black executives in the industry; hiring Japanese Americans for his pressing plant; redefining how music was produced – in 48 hours Syd would find a song, gather his studio musicians (who were mostly Black) cut a blues version of the song, then, with the same musicians cut a country version, press the record and distribute them to gas stations across the south.

Syd made records for the “every man” and by making one dime at a time, built the 6
th largest label in the country. Without Syd we wouldn’t have songs like Fever and The Twist, or artists like Little Willie John and James Brown, yet Syd was also a bully, and his fights with his artists are the stuff of legend. King Records was never given its proper place in the history of rock music and this musical dives head-first into why.



Duck Soup 

Duck Soup: A Play on Equity
 was commissioned for the yearly national conference of Grantmakers in the Arts. Written by Tommer Peterson with KJ Sanchez, the play is an exploration of equity in the arts, based on interviews with funders, artists, public officials, activists, and people from all walks of life. The plenary session presentation of Duck Soup was followed by facilitated breakout discussions. 

Brigette Kali in Duck Soup, all rights reserved Grantmakers in the Arts